5 Myths about makeup

1) Makeup causes spots- Make up does not cause spot breakouts it is bad hygiene such as leaving your makeup on over night or not cleansing your face properly that will lead to this. There are plenty of products on the market these days to ensure that your face is makeup free before going to bed. I reccommend using Garnier Micellar Cleansing water (£3.33). There are also some makeup products that actually are designed to unblock your pores whilst you wear it. For example; NO.7 'Beautifully Matte' foundation (£13.50 available at Boots) and Seventeen 'On The Spot' foundation (£6.99 available at Boots) both contain salicylic acid which helps to unblock your pores whilst wearing the foundation.

2) Expensive makeup is better- This is generally not the case. Finding a suitable product that works for you is personal to your specific skin type and there are both positives and negatives for each makeup product out there. There is also a vast range on the makeup market so mix and match and try out new products until you find one you love!

3) Foundation will make me look orange- Many people avoid using foundation due to the fear of looking 'orange' or unnatural but with modern technology you are able to find exact matches through quick and easy consultations absolutely free of charge. So to avoid this be sure to match the foundation by talking to a beauty advisor and I advise to always try the foundation on your face before you leave the shop. Even go to the extent of looking in a mirror outside before making your decision as inside a shop the lighting is artificial. If you do this you will not have to worry about looking 'orange' and hopefully have a product that can accentuate your natural complexion.

 4) Primers can be used instead of moisturisers- A moisturiser is an essential part of your beauty routine whatever your skin type and best of all it is the perfect makeup base. A primer is a product that must be applied after a moisturiser and before a foundation that helps to smooth the skin to even tone and also keep the foundation in place. A primer does NOT provide moisture to the skin and so if you replace your moisturiser with a primer you can encounter all sorts of problems from shininess to tight and dry skin. ALWAYS USE A MOISTURISER!!

5) Using makeup brushes is the most hygenic way to apply your makeup- the truth is your makeup brushes can be the cause of all sorts of makeup like problems you are encountering. Brushes can build up bacteria which then breed and are applied directly the face forcing break outs and general poor hygiene. They can also build up in makeup which then means your products are no longer going onto the skin as smoothly and creating a patchy complexion. The solution to this is simple: clean the brushes regularly. Ideally it would be preferable to clean them after every use, however this is unrealistic in such busy lifestyles that we all lead these days so I would suggest to clean them after every 2 or 3 uses. You don't need to splash out on expensive brush cleaning products either, I have found baby shampoo to be much more effective and for a fraction of the price.